Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wildlife is all but gone

About two things she was concerned.

Living here meant no exposure to wildlife whatsoever.
It also meant a home free of history. Everything was new.
There was no such thing as finding treasures in shop windows on the way to school or work.

There were geckos that challenged their fate on the sidewalks. There were neon yellow butterflies at the end of every block, free ones that weren't in a hurry.. And apparently, there were even spiders with thorns on their backs. And the parrots.
She mustn't neglect the parrots.
Dragonflies lived near the library; she did find that appealing.

That kind of wildlife felt fake. It had once felt oh-so real to her.
Witnessing low-key animals for years had caused a strange disbelief in seeing these butterflies, parrots, spiders, geckos, HAPPY. They took up space.
They were never in the way. Ignored, but not pesky.

About the treasures..
Perhaps finding one treasure meant giving up another.
That was ok. As long as the newfound treasure was what she anticipated.

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