Sunday, December 20, 2009

This shirt smells Scandinavian

In the country he spoke of,
no bills existed.
It wasn't Cuba
It wasn't Utopia
It was just made up.

She loved hearing about the places in his head

and hated when he proclaimed himself mad
But then again, she loved that too. She was like movie scenes where one half got on the plane and after three misleading scenes darted back to the terminal. One regretful half stole a motorcycle and crashed it. Another half with a table of missing ingredients and tears present too often. Anxiety in throats and plenty of adrenaline. She was all those scenes and characters personified behind the Saran Wrap.
When she remembered this her words had already left the dictionary platform

He was a dreamer and she liked to believe
labels should not be used.
He had enough characteristics to fill up that new water gun that
they would be buying sometime next week..

Three monkeys on Collins.

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