Wednesday, January 13, 2010


When I was about six years old,
I used to wonder why carambola was used as a cake decorator.
I was deeply bothered by the fact that such an energy-craving, demanding, NEGLECTED fruit and entity was ruined and drowned by disgusting whipped cream. Sprinkles. Pound cake.
I felt queasy and appalled by the color combination and the acid as it made the different worlds come together unwillingly. The cream melted and the stars' outlines would go brown. Brown, my least favorite color.
I would keep my thoughts to myself as the others ate away at the disaster.
What a mistake.

Last week I saw the fruit at the market and I remembered.
There were only two in the entire store and they were waxed and put in a leftover basket. An unclean one with paper on the bottom.
I shivered, I really did.
I recalled the memory and I felt shame for the fruit. Perhaps it had been ordered for cake decorating. Perhaps there would always be two star fruits there..

I fell in love quickly with the new Chiquita banana stickers and forgot about it until today.

Are you happy? Yes.

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