Saturday, February 20, 2010

Of storms and translucency

I realized a prominent storm in most of everyone around me.
a tornado, if you like.
Blizzard in a tornado
one like in the movies from the 90's where a cow always appeared eventually, flying around in circles eventually caught by its vicious eye.
They always say there is an eye in its deepest one.
I used to fear it when i was younger.
Fear it like i feared encountering quicksand.
My scary objects have always been related no nature.
I never feared snakes, waves, or earthquakes.
Poisonous frogs or poison ivy.
But I feared what tv had explained to me in robotic voices and evil cartoons.

The past week these tornadoes have been strong.
My friends have had translucency take over their bellies.
I see tornadoes from the button up.
Sometimes choking the oesophagus, sometimes tickling the heart.
At times the storm is purple but most often it is bronze.
Shimmery and grainy and sensitive to this cold front.
As they shiver it goes frantic and grasps for more air.
The cold air enters, with cigarette toxins.
Frenzy begins again and doesn't subdue
I considered myself lucky for avoiding them.
But they have transmitted to me too.

The gold that fell of my foot
woke me up this morning!
And somewhere someone hung a gold medal on my Day's neck and said
no more
but made an infinite gospel of laughter

etc etc etc

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