Saturday, October 30, 2010

Att ibland ligger svaren i fargerna

I have now woken up several times.
The night is not black anymore, and never dangerous.
Now it just calls for me and looks for new ways to trick me.
It will not be difficult at all to manage.
I have added my own trap in the woods. On the ground, and where no one goes.
I will never take the easy way out into the forest.
He says that my shortcuts are nonsense,
They are the strongest I have! I scream inside.
Hours days after I asked for permission and let myself be purchased by a lawnmower.
It smells good and the grass seems greener.
But the tags have been cut, and somebody has died.
Someone has been hurt far too long.
The mower has been delayed in any possible form.
Flour has set itself in everyone's skin,
No life for a while and they grow out without anyone knowing.
Without anyone watching.
Sitting or standing, nobody is watching.

Where did the stain on her dress come from?

It takes five minutes.

The answer is equally insignificant for her as it is for me.
All has died.
I do not know what anybody's things have gone.
Everything is out of place in this world.
Everything can be moved off to the next planet.
dying and the right to doing it.
No one knows what it chose.
I have all the answers.

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