Tuesday, February 2, 2010


If I had three wishes that could be bought for money
i would wish for
expensive things
so that I could sell them.

When I first arrived in this place,
I found what I miss now,
in a place i visit every day.
Ironically I miss gooseberries.

I do not miss a place I left because I know what different eyes show.
they display a memory replaced with reality.
It is always sad or stressful.
Mostly anxious.
This abstract distraction.

If I went back I would not see beautiful leaves or green grass.
Seeds would be unimportant, especially those toasted, roasted, popped.

I have a strong feeling about most things here.
I tend to go looking for whatever I feel.
Even more so now.
This day is strong, that is why it is painful.
This pain is painful today.

Just now a woman walked by wearing the perfume my best friend wore in the eigth grade.
We were not best friends then but I knew it would happen.
I have tricks.
I have jacks.

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