Monday, February 1, 2010

Verb. (to) change

One week ago, I was different.
A bigger change was made a month ago.
It was an empty day and it involved the antichrist.
But a change was made.

It seems that all my projects surround change. all products and brands want to show it, emphasize it, call on it.
They want others to show it for them because they too find it difficult.
So I am here dealing with an issue that so many of us try to visualize daily.
What does change look like?
What hair color does he have?
Is it a catfish?
Does he wear polkadot skirts?
I don't know anything about his looks.
But I try to see him every day.

What changes have I made?
So many.

We talked about lines and boundaries.
I see fences and stripes.
So I see sailors and cruise ships.
Napkins and hats on concrete.
I keep seeing the wrong images.
Pathetic repetition.

I am using inspiration for food
not for thought.

I want your skin.

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