Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Add flour to the mix and it won't rise the way you remembered

You forgot the yeast again. We were baking without ingredients.
You caught movies on every eyelash, and then you forgot you had eyelashes and washed your face with force.

Your forced face became furious
And we yelled until a fierce cat appeared in the moon outside our glass walls.
He said "Forget about that lunar eclipse, my dearest, my young, for-"
"-et pourquoi, wise cat?" I interrupted him foolishly. But only a fool waits for his turn in this town.
"Why, because the moon is eternal. At least that's what I believe. I believe in creatures and creations, cobras and crucibles."
"I disagree. I disagree so much that I will have to decline your presence." The male child beside me had spoken.

The clumsy cat tripped on a sneaker.
He had never heard such a remark.
Or, now he had, and his chemical reaction was worse mentally than physically.
I saw his veins shake with the excess of quicksilver.
He twisted his face around.
He poked himself with his tail.
And he brushed his indigo fur.
"You know, the moon is not my origin. I am of other arts and crafts."
The feline placed the rejected sneaker on the doormat of our house.
It had moved now from the kitchen, to the balcony, to the table.
The table stood now, unsteadily holding a doormat and a sneaker. The rejects of the day.
The feline scratched at an egg on the ground. He shrugged, and muttered, that eggs were forbidden at this time of year. He mentioned they were rubber-like and uncomfortable.

And then he said: "Moons are for humans. Humans are for cats. And I will consume you all and all the rubber in your souls, your sneakers, and carpets. Don't watch the lunar eclipse. It is a hoax. Popsicle sticks and pom poms, your children will have plenty to ignite."

"Whatever will they ignite, wise cat?"

"Only the frozen. The rest will die with the winter. Ignite yourselves now. I'll be boiling rubber on the reflection in the bay.
See that canoe-shaped mirror of light? It's gone, yes? Watch it disappear, watch your tricks get played on YOU. Forget me not at all. Forget me at times. Remember what you will.
Throw away those sneakers. "

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