Sunday, January 2, 2011

Abstract emotional tangle

For trips we took together,
for trips I took alone
for days you walked not lonely, but searching for your clone
And on days I wished these days were gone.
And then one day they went.
Parrots were singing, a little out of place
it was in Miami, the dent.

And though our walks here are ephemeral, bone-less, muscle-contradictory
Feet are moving, paws are still soft,
and new things come quite quickly
as you ramble towards them, rambling in Latin
You are asking, desperately so, for vocabulary,
but all around are farm animals and pudding pets,
and you wonder what occurred while you snoozed.

Until a moment comes, when your Dalmatian cows bake cake for you,
a cake of spring and summer.
You find out there was no such word for your academic troubles
you felt nude and scratched by the chicken enemies.
The oldest cow split the cake in two and said:
"If you wish upon Tahitian vanilla tonight, no spoon for you. Consume wisely, this season will come in threes. Select spring or summer, receive summer or winter. Choose right, or choose not at all. But if you choose not to choose, forget about choice.
Ramble longer and rambler farther. Don't have cake that will bite your veins off."

You glance. At word, at cake, at cow.
At your reflection on a sour sick building
You are not well, you need to stare for longer
Stare until your old mentality consumes
like crystallized summer.

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